3D Wood – Nick Speakman

March 2012

Ridgway Rendezvous Nick SpeakmanFresh back from The Ridgway Rendezvous:  the largest gathering of chainsaw carvers in the world with 194 carvers from nine countries, held in Ridgway Pennsylvania ,USA.  The event is split between actual carving time, seminars and networking and the sharing of ideas. It was not my first time in America but was my first at the event!

Throughout the event there was everything being carved from animal studies; bears, eagle, snakes, fish, even a full size horse, to human study and fantasy. I chose to carve a cheeky goblin, causing much confusion among the locals, which fetched a fair sum at auction. The event is self-funding with this year’s auction raising $68,900 dollars towards next year’s events cost etc. Well done the Boni family for organising such an amazing gathering.

Whilst in New Jersey, I was lucky enough to have a viewing around a private collection of art-in-the-making; a truly magical experience.  Check it out at www.lunaparc.com . I also made a point of going to the Museum of Modern Art in New York , well worth the trip.

The whole experience has been valuable on many levels: strengthening my desire to pursue my art and experiment with combining my sculpting and joinery skills. Like any coming together of like-minded people, Ridgeway was full of busy people with a lot to do and not enough time to do it, thank s to Facebook I have managed to chat to a few people since the event, also making some useful contacts with a tool supplier State Side.

I leave you with a great thought I heard the other day “It is not the things that my hands make, or  the art that I view, it’s the experiences along my path that drive me!

See the Goblin HERE