3D Wood – Nick Speakman

July 2011

Chainsaw CarvingJuly has started with a bang, I was commissioned to design and sculpt two very different pieces for a new Wetherspoons Pub, The Hatchet, opening in Newbury at the end of July. The first is a large oak story telling chair depicting oak leaves and acorns made from one solid lump of oak, complete with hatchet and carved letters; fortunately I had the oak so that made life easy, the chair was started and completed in three days and delivered to site.
The second, and slightly more complicated, is a life sized carving of a traditional woodsman emerging from a cedar tree, designed to celebrate the forestry industry in the Newbury area. I carved the piece in three days and spent a further day sanding.  Here is a write up in the local paper and a quick publicity piece done by Indigo Art.

What else is happening? I recently starting using an Echo 2700 chainsaw, “absolutely awesome” are the only words I can use, lightweight , fantastic vibration damping  and at less than £300, what more can I say! I”ve ordered another one.

Spent the day today mapping out on the year planner the next three months carving and carpentry jobs, looks like a hectic time ahead. Unity (wife /office manager) has also made me take a holiday in August “ is she mad?”, does she not realize they won’t be happy with me revving up my saws on that campsite in Devon????

Royal Berkshire Show planning has started in conjunction with Ridgeway Volkswagen Newbury and it looks like I will be carving some VW classic camper vans for folks to sit on and carving live throughout the show (watch this space).

Also been booked in October to exhibit at the Juice Landscaping Show in Essex so I will be writing a blog on the importance of 3D models, in conjunction with plan and elevation drawings,  to give potential customers another tool in visualizing their future work be it sculpture or Grand Design .

Well here we go into another week, I have a demo lined up next weekend  and a shed load of small sculpture orders to get on with.