3D Wood – Nick Speakman

April 2012

Back into it now, feathered friends and fish have been carved out of cedar and eucalyptus; both interesting in their own rights, plus had a fantastic weekend of training with Andrew Sinclair at Sculpture School. This is the result of that particular course, finished off at home.

If you work in 3d without a doubt you have to practice drawing, eat, sleep, sculpt, think, take the dog for a walk, eat, sleep, sculpt some more, draw, scratch your head, keep going and  never give up! I heard recently that in Japan it can take fifty years to gain a black belt in karate, in the West it can be achieved in as little as three years ! There tells a tale, perseverance is the key to excellence.

Had a great Easter break in Bude, Cornwall; family, food, exercise, fantastic.

Looking forward to the next couple of months; I have a school project starting next week at a local school collaborating with another artist from Reading, Nick Garnett.  The sculpture is based around a mad scientist who is doing a geology experiment and is building a sculptural wood circle to communicate with outer space: All mind expanding stuff!!

Then I move on to a free form 80ft oak for two weeks to be carved with wildlife figures, and architecture! Wow. Still got lots of work to do towards Open Studios, Aaaghh! My obsession with power tools continues, need more chainsaws as the great Mick Burns once told me  ”you can never have enough saws!”

Finally it’s raining, “hooray”, local rivers & land really needs it, plus my van is actually starting to look like a lump of mud with wheels! Lots of small stuff to do as well: owls, fish, a small super bike and rider, signs. In-between all the Arty stuff trying to make some time to exercise, it really seems to make me feel awake.

One last thing, I will be carving again at the Garden Centre at Stratton, Swindon, on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May, do pop along to say hi.